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  RSKL held its yearly Safety, Health & Environment Campaign Week FY 2015 on 1st September 2015 at RSKL garden area. This year, RSKL select multi theme for each subject. For safety, we select “Machine safety” as our theme. RSKL had minor incidence of hand injury in machine operation job. Although RSKL have a good record of major accident free days but minor accidents or near miss are indications of the presence of hazards and risk in our workplace. With our volume expansion, machine layout and related activities, it is important to continue to observe safe practice in all job, identify risks and take immediate action towards our safety policy of zero accidents.
  For health, RSKL select “Exercise regularly” as theme. The PERKESO health screening programmed for Malaysian workers shows the grim results of overweight or obese condition and the prevalence of high rate of non-communicable disease like hypertension, diabetic and high level of cholesterol. This campaign is to motivate employees to do some form of exercise daily besides consuming healthy food to observe a healthy lifestyle. With good health, we can be a productive employee and have a happy family life.
  For environment, RSKL select “Waste segregation” as theme. Malaysian government is implementing the compulsory segregation of domestic waste in some states. Selangor is not in this list but ultimately will. In line with this, RSKL like to reinforce the segregation of waste at RSKL. This campaign is to change employees mind from any waste to any bin to specific waste to specific bin.
  In-plant Clinic in collaboration with SHE Campaign also organized several Health Talks during the campaign period such as, Health Talk - Tuberculosis Disease (TB), Motivational Talk – “Save Your Life” and “Health Talk – Calories and You”. Thanks to all RSKL employees who participate actively in the activities. Below are some of the pictures on SHE campaign which is being held from 1st September 2015 to 4th September 2015.

RSKL employee gather at the garden area   President demonstrate the waste segregation

SHE committee lead the exercise   Motivate employees to do exercise daily

RSKL Employees participate in SHE quiz   President take a tour around SHE campaign booth inside cafeteria

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